“I came into this presentation course as a nervous wreck and I was someone who really disliked presenting.  My nerves always go the better of me but after this course with Kenny, I am shocked at how much confidence I have now and feel excited about presenting in the future.” Maura Dillon, CIBC

 “The presentation course was very effective in teaching me how to become a more effective and engaging speaker.  Kenny is a great facilitator and caters the course based on the individuals in the room and the areas they want to develop.” Vanessa Brown, CIBC

“I completed the “Present with Impact” workshop last week by Kenny. I highly recommend this program because of the results seen, the tools learned are useful, and Kenny’s knowledge on the subject.  The results seen in myself and the others in our group in just 2 days were unbelievable! People who would never volunteer to go first or even look at the audience were animated and jumping up to go next, it is a great team builder. To see the turnaround between day 1 and day 2 is surreal.   The tools we learned were effective and easy!  The impact of eye contact, voice, and movement is so valuable to a presentation. As a young professional this workshop is the most useful training I have received.  Kenny’s knowledge on mindset and personality behind presenting is valuable.  He motivates the people in the room and shows how to reach different people effectively. Through this workshop, the results I have seen through using the tools we learned from Kenny will further help me in presenting to groups, large and small, whether they be clients or coworkers. There is no price on confidence during a presentation or pitch and being able to persuade clients is what makes us successful. Thanks Kenny!” Alexis Scott, OMD

 “Presenting with Impact was an excellent workshop that helped a great deal with my presentation skills, from planning and organizing content to ensuring impactful delivery. Kenny’s approach is excellent: by naturally demonstrating the techniques through his own presentation style he provides a range of practical examples. Kenny does a great job of identifying each participant’s strengths and areas for improvement, and makes sure everyone feels comfortable and comes away with increased confidence. I would recommend Presenting with Impact to anyone looking to refine their presentation style.”  Elisabeth Muir, Corby Distilleries Limited

Kenny was just fantastic, awesome. Our business development team are still talking about him. His content was top-notch and his delivery was also amazing. He really spoke directly to each individual in our team…you can tell that he has done his research. He was also very approachable, which made our team really comfortable with him and thus pushing the envelopes on our comfort levels that much easier. The pace of our training was perfect, and we all left wanting more. Kenny’s training has made me that much more comfortable in my presentations.” Daniel Booth, CGA Ontario

“I recently completed Kenny’s “Present with Impact” workshop. This course was very informative, engaging, and a lot of fun . The participants learned a variety of presentation techniques as well as common mistakes and how to overcome them. I personally learned a lot of things about how I present and Kenny provided me with many tools that will help me be a better presenter in the future.  Kenny’s method of presenting the material was very effective and it kept all of the participants engaged and looking to learn more. The participants took part in a number of different exercises that were very helpful, took the participants out of their comfort zones and provided great results.  The course was also a lot of fun. Kenny’s ability to keep the participants engaged had a lot to do with Kenny because he is both entertaining and personable. Kenny’s exercises were a lot of fun to be a part of and he made the course a very enjoyable experience.  I would highly recommend Kenny and the “Present With Impact” workshop as it was very informative, engaging and a lot of fun.” Jamie Houle, OMD

“I recently attended a training session led by Kenny, and it was excellent. He made sure each person in the room got exactly what they needed out of the session and answered difficult questions with ease and expertise. I would definitely recommend Kenny for the Time Management Training session, and I hope to attend his other workshops soon!”  Eve Cuthbertson, Cossette

“‘Present with Impact’ was the best, most valuable workshop I have ever attended!  I felt that the entire program was very engaging, informative and time well spent. I did a presentation workshop through another company a year or two ago, and it was nowhere near as useful as this one.  I believe that a big part of the program’s success was its delivery by Kenny, a great presenter. Everything he taught us, he used in his own delivery and that was apparent.  He was proof that the format, tools and techniques taught, work when applied.  I would highly recommend Kenny to anyone looking for a great presentation or communication skills workshop.  It’s time and money well spent!”  Kim Creighton, Corby Distilleries

“After having worked with Kenny for only a short while, the results were already surfacing and I found that each week I looked more and more forward to the coaching conversations. Kenny’s ability to continuously reel you back into the current state of things and compare to the desired state is a powerful way of holding you accountable to reaching your goals. Kenny draws on diverse experience, knowledge and common sense thinking to creatively help you build the approach to your next steps. Its easy to talk to Kenny and I’ve enjoyed being a client thus far and would recommend him as an executive coach to anyone looking for this service.”  Trevor O’Rourke, Bell Mobility

“I really enjoyed the training Kenny provided, I felt that it really took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to be a better presenter. His feedback was very beneficial.” Kimberly Cheesman, CGA Ontario

“I’ve had many positive experiences working with Kenny during his presentation skills training and individual coaching sessions. He is an expert communicator evidenced by his ability to coach presentation and communication skills and its application in the work place. He has a keen sense of people and their work styles. He has an ability to cut through the clutter and empower you to present and communicate with confidence. Working with Kenny has been educational, inspiring, and a lot of fun! I’d highly recommend him to any individual and organization.”  Scott Campbell, Spin Master Ltd.

“I recently completed a series of one on one courses with Kenny and it was absolutely fantastic! Prior to these sessions, I thought presenting was a skill that you were born with and within 2 sessions I realized I was wrong. Not only did I learn his simple structure of presenting but I learned how to speak with confidence, read the room and effectively present material in a way that I feel comfortable.”  Chad Raymond, Direct Antidote

“I took Kenny’s “Present with Impact” course last week and I’m still thinking about it. He really opened my eyes to the way the audience listens, absorbs information, and connects with the presenter. Kenny presented the material to us in an effective and memorable manner. I am already starting to use his tools to communicate with others, whether it be one-on-one, in small groups or larger ones. His techniques are fantastic skills to have in business. I highly recommend Kenny and his Presentation course to others.”  David Pubrat, Spin Master

“Our company has hired Kenny to run courses for our marketing department on several occasions this past year. In the two courses that I attended, I was impressed by Kenny’s ability to build a curriculum that was relevant, enlightening and interesting for all levels of employees in the group. His straightforward way of outlining and presenting ensured that all attendees understood the lessons, and the interactive activities peppered throughout the course drove those lessons home. Kenny’s courses fly by because you learn, he challenges you, and they are fun. We certainly learned more about our colleagues by the end of the sessions, and we are all working to put our new skills to use. Thanks Kenny.”  Kelly Fitzimmons, The Forzani Group LTD

“I had the pleasure of attending a “Negotiate With Confidence” class taught by Kenny Solway just this past April. We spent 2 days learning the “critical elements of negotiation”, which surprisingly enough, we learned that there is a lot of preparation needed before you even meet with the opposite party. Kenny clearly understands this topic and is able to keep your attention with a variety of class activities and discussions. (which is very important when you are together for 2 days!) As a result of attending Kenny’s class, I have been better prepared for, and can go into meetings feeling confident with my requests when negotiating. Well worth the 2 days!”  Lynn Skinner, The Forzani Group LTD

“I participated in Kenny’s ‘Developing Leadership Skills’ course in Nov. 2010.  Kenny is an expert in his field and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.  His course was highly interactive and fun, with many group discussion and activities instead of being odd-school lecture-style.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to improve their communication and leadership skills.”  Anita Gower, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

“It was a pleasure to attend Kenny’s presentation skills workshop.  I received more valuable tools than I ever thought I would.   The workshop was an ‘eye opener’ in the way one conducts themselves during presentations and shows one how to become more self aware of attributes you would like to project to your audience.  Great training and fun tool!.”  Kelly Bonnell, OMD

“I have had the pleasure of attending Kenny’s presentation skills workshop.  Kenny was able to part ideas to apply not only for improved presentation skills but also life lessons. I look forward to future opportunities of attending Kenny’s training sessions.”  Vincent Fourner, Spin Master Ltd.

“Through Kenny’s unique and engaging methodology, several very specific opportunities for enhancing one’s presentation skills are determined, the participants are provided with practical feedback and coaching to modify their presentation accordingly.  Under Kenny’s expert coaching, participants rapidly build confidence and polish.   Kenny’s course is the deliberate practice model on steroids.   Take his course!”  Pieter de Koning, Spin Master Ltd.

“Kenny’s experience made for a fantastic Present with Impact training session. His attention to detail and focus on each individual participant needs provided a really valuable take away.”  Shawna Hayman, Direct Antidote

“On a number of occasions, I had the pleasure of participating in Kenny’s training and 1:1 executive coaching programs. What impressed me most about Kenny was not only his ability to cover of key areas of communications (i.e. negotiations, presentations, sales, influencing, etc), but his ability to make the learning’s practical and relevant. Whether it’s through my team’s improved sales tactics or presentation prowess, Kenny’s knowledge and approach truly delivered results for all participants, myself included. If you’re looking for an engaging trainer who is the real deal, I highly recommend Kenny.”  Dave Pauk, Quebecor Media

“Kenny delivered coaching and training programs for the Virgin Mobile teams (primarily sales training as well as 1:1 coaching).  I’d highly recommend Kenny’s services for specialized training needs.”  Rosanne Masterson, VP, Controller, Virgin Mobile

“I’ve attended several of Kenny’s training sessions – presentation skills, train the trainer, and account management. I am appreciative of his never ending ability to provide numerous examples using scenarios that are relevant to my role and the challenges I face to illustrate how to use the methods and skills he promotes. Working with Kenny you will practice and learn meaningful, valuable skills that will improve your ability to present with impact and be more effective and influential when communicating with others.”  Stephanie Pelisek, Business Development Manager, CGA Ontario

“Kenny was brought in to deliver one-day professional training sessions focusing on presentation skills, business development and skills to deliver results. The sessions were designed by Kenny to be highly interactive and energetic. To date several hundred volunteers have gone through the one day program which has elicited positive feedback from the participants about the variety of skills learned during the session and how they have been able to utilize these skills during presentations and within their professional careers.”  Elly Barandeh, High School Coordinator, CGA Ontario

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kenny since 2009.  His programs and teaching style are always engaging and full of expert knowledge.  Feedback from participants is always exceptional and we have been so pleased with his work that we have continued and will continue to have Kenny teach 3 courses (Presentation skills, Developing Leadership skills and Negotiation Skills) at our association on a bi-yearly basis.  I highly recommend Kenny to any association/company looking for a personable and skilled instructor.”  Davina Wong,  Association of Canadian Advertisers

“I have been to a variety  of training programs in my career- by far this is the best program I attended. I really felt that the  topics were so practical – really well executed.  The session was held in a safe (small group) environment and it allowed us to really practice and apply our presentation delivery!   Kenny provided some great take-aways.”  Cathy Piedra-Mackenzie, Spin Master

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Kenny and his work at Think Solutions.  He possesses excellent assessment skills in identifying learning gaps within an organization, does thorough check ins with class participants both before and after his sessions and delivers and engaging training workshop in which each person Is lead into participation.  A great learning environment for all.”  Carole Landry, DDB

“I had the opportunity to participate in a  workshop lead by Kenny Solway recently and am pleased to have gained valuable and tangible insights from the time spent at the workshop.  Kenny was able to quickly establish a rapport with the group and was flexible and open minded during the day such that he was willing to adjust the topics appropriately to meet the groups needs while not veering off topic.  My greatest appreciation from the day was his practical and customer focused approach.  I have been able to implement key suggestions into my day to day practices at work and have seen dividends from this implementation already.  I would highly recommend participant in such workshops.”  Emanuela De Franco, GSK

“I attended Kenny’s Presentation Skills course and learned more than I could have imagined I could in just two days.  The course was very interactive and focused on improving presentation skills based on an individuals communication style as well as the situation and audience.  My comfort level and confidence when presenting significantly improved.  This course has helped me become a more effective presenter not only when presenting but also during my day-to-day work.  I highly recommend this course and Kenny’s ability as an effective instructor.”  Katherine Shuper, Bell Mobility

“Kenny is a professional and knowledgeable trainer who was able to succinctly teach the basics of leadership.  From a one day training course, I walked away feeling inspired, motivated and fully equipped to be a leader.  If you’d like to hone your leadership skills, I’d highly recommend Kenny and his leadership skills course.”  Kimberly M. McLeod, S.C. Johnson

“Having participated in Kenny’s Presentation Skills program, I gained valuable insight and knowledge about myself as a presenter.  His program helps you organize, deliver and identify your own unique style to effectively communicate your message relative to any situation.  This is definitely one of the best business tools I have received and recommend to anyone to enhance their own presentation skills.”  Rico Tudico, DDB Canada

Even the thought of presenting makes many of us anxious. Kenny Solway’s Present with Impact’ program was exceptional! It provided me with many tools and techniques that will allow me to overcome those anxieties, stretch my comfort zone and make me a much more effective presenter. It’s well worth the investment!” Randy Sagemen, The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists

“I attended the Presenting with Impact 2 day course and had the good fortune to have Kenny Solway as the Presenter.

I must admit I was anxious about taking the course. Standing up in front of a group of strangers, with their attention focused completely on me and the message I was delivering, is somewhat of a daunting task! However, any anxieties that I had were quickly diminished within the first ten minutes of entering the room and meeting Kenny.

Kenny created a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment in which I could learn and develop my presentation skills. I was provided with some great tools which will enable me to adapt to all kinds of situations and maintain my composure throughout the presentation. I gained the knowledge and ability to keep my presentation on track, and create a positive impact, while delivering the message in a professional manner, gaining personal credibility with my peers and managers.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the session energizing and tremendously invigorating. There was great dialogue that went on between the participants knowing that we’re all struggling with the same issues and learning from one another. The skills I learnt in this session will be valuable to me in both my professional career and my personal interaction with friends and family.

In summary, I would recommend that anyone who is uncomfortable making presentations, arrange for Kenny to walk them through this course ‐ you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome! You can’t be uncomfortable presenting one day and then overnight be a professional presenter, however, what you will be is confident, focused and have tools in your back pocket to be able to accommodate various situations and learn how to read your audience and be flexible to the situation”. Liz Disepolo, Enbridge Gas Distribution

“I had the good fortune of participating in a Presentation Skills course with Kenny Solway early last year. My experience was, to say the least, fascinating and I initially felt unconvinced that I would actually retain and utilize all that I had learned in two days. Today, I’m continually amazed at how the skills and techniques I learned have actually become a natural part of my everyday interactions while on (and off) the job. Not only have my general confidence levels soared, but I also find that my presentation style has changed and that I am a more effective presenter than ever before. I’m grateful for the little extra push that Kenny’s course and teaching style provided, as I believe that it helped me to understand what I needed to do in order to be both, an efficient presenter and a smart business person.”  Sharon Hayward, DDB

“I participated in Kenny’s program “Developing Leadership Skills”. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start building their leadership skills, or anyone looking to refresh their skills. Kenny is very personable and easy-going, which makes the seminar all the more enjoyable and impactful.”  Michael Belanger, Mercedes-Benz Canada