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How to consistently win in high stakes situations

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Have you ever walked out of a high stakes presentation wishing you could get a ‘do over’?  Have you ever started a critical conversation and ended it without any resolve because the two parties left even more upset than when the conversation began?  Have you ever left a sales pitch only to realize that you left out a key message that could have been the deciding factor for the prospect to commit?

Conversely, have you ever seen a colleague or peer in these same ‘moments of truth’ consistently deliver flawlessly and achieve the desired outcomes – and wanted to know what these people do to ensure they feel confident and win in the boardroom – every time?  It’s really not that complex, nor is it difficult to achieve.… Read the rest

How stepping into a batting cage can help you hit home runs in the boardroom

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One of the most rewarding and crucial components of my coaching and training role is when clients experience those special ‘a-ha’ discovery moments … When a perfectly practical solution strikes them so clearly, they immediately want to apply it into their daily business process.

It’s true to say that in most of our coaching and training sessions we would expect you to experience one or two of those special ‘key’ motivational moments … However, what we want to share with you for now is a unique training session, that surprised even me with how many ‘a-has’ or key ‘action’ tools were revealed.… Read the rest

Are you harnessing the power of YOU to accelerate business?

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With the advent of new technology, in particular mobile, it’s no revelation that it’s now easier to communicate than ever – and the race to make it even easier is rampant.  For those of you that don’t know me that well, I know this all to well as I’m a technology enthusiast – a sophisticated way of saying a gadget geek.  So I understand technology, perhaps too well for my own good.  I understand how it works, why it works and I appreciate the efficiencies it allows us and it’s ability to connect in ways we could never have in the past.  I now consume content in new ways and through new channels.… Read the rest