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Three steps to becoming a more confident presenter

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What do you think is the most common concern when faced with having to deliver a presentation to peers, colleagues or clients? I have asked this question to hundreds of clients, at all levels within an organization. The answer invariably, is the same from all of these people. They simply want to ‘feel more confident’ when presenting.

I recently had a conversation with a client about this specific topic, so I thought I’d share a few practical recommendations that have proven to help people become more confident when presenting.

External Focus (It’s about them, not you)

This perspective is perhaps the most important in building a relevant presentation for your audience.… Read the rest

How to consistently win in high stakes situations

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Have you ever walked out of a high stakes presentation wishing you could get a ‘do over’?  Have you ever started a critical conversation and ended it without any resolve because the two parties left even more upset than when the conversation began?  Have you ever left a sales pitch only to realize that you left out a key message that could have been the deciding factor for the prospect to commit?

Conversely, have you ever seen a colleague or peer in these same ‘moments of truth’ consistently deliver flawlessly and achieve the desired outcomes – and wanted to know what these people do to ensure they feel confident and win in the boardroom – every time?  It’s really not that complex, nor is it difficult to achieve.… Read the rest

Do you know how your clients rate you out of 11?

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For those of  you who have children that have recently gone back to school you’re probably having very similar conversations with them asking “who’s in their class?”,  “what they’re learning right now?”, “how are their teachers?’, etc.. Well, this morning I had an interesting conversation with my children asking them about their teachers and they chose to describe their teachers’ performance using a scale of one to ten.  For example my daughter gave her teacher a score of  eight out of ten and my son rated his teacher a nine and a half out of ten. Certainly I was encouraged by the fact that they were enjoying and appreciative of their teachers, however it was interesting how they quickly and simply described the performance of  their teachers using possibly the most easy to apply and understand rating system.… Read the rest