Are you harnessing the power of YOU to accelerate business?

With the advent of new technology, in particular mobile, it’s no revelation that it’s now easier to communicate than ever – and the race to make it even easier is rampant.  For those of you that don’t know me that well, I know this all to well as I’m a technology enthusiast – a sophisticated way of saying a gadget geek.  So I understand technology, perhaps too well for my own good.  I understand how it works, why it works and I appreciate the efficiencies it allows us and it’s ability to connect in ways we could never have in the past.  I now consume content in new ways and through new channels.  I pretty much spend most of my ‘screen time’ in front of a digital device both personally and professionally.  Not necessarily proud of it, but it’s simply about accessibility and relevance.

Face to face communication is still the most effective medium for influencing others…

On the flip side, I’m also fortunate that my vocation as a business performance trainer and coach, provides me an abundance of opportunities to communicate face-to-face either in a one-on-one setting or to large groups.  Quite the contrast it can be to hiding behind the curtain of a computer screen like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.  What is dramatically different (and I realize I’m probably stating the obvious – or perhaps not) however, between ‘behind the screen’ and ‘face to face’ communication is our innate ability to accelerate the rate at which we can influence others thoughts and actions –  through the messages we send and receive when communicating in person.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…

We’ve all seen or heard the plethora of research out there confirming that it’s less about what you say (not that it’s not important) and more about how you say it – that creates the lasting impact.  In fact, one of my favourite quotes is ‘I’m going to be more convincing then you are right’ (source unknown – kind of ironic I suppose).  Whether it’s trust, confidence, credibility, like-ability, enthusiasm, knowledge, intention or attitude, these are all attributes that we can intentionally or unintentionally convey to our audience.  And these ‘observable behaviours’ are critical – especially when someone is considering doing business with you.

So with the advent of the new technologies that enable us to communicate more quickly, but not necessarily more effectively, I challenge you to ask if you are harnessing the power of you to drive your business results?

Easy to ‘hide’ behind the curtain…

Yes I get it, and I do it sometimes too.  It’s easy to ‘flip an e-mail’ or ‘ping’ someone.  I know this all too well which is why, from time to time I will pick up the telephone to allow my prospects or clients hear my voice and the inherent emotional characteristics it intentionally delivers (i.e. appreciation for the business, concern over a deadline, excitement for their win, etc.) – that may not be easily conveyed through text.  Another thing that you’ve probably experienced as well, is that a majority of people now respond to voice mail messages via e-mail.   Heck, some people don’t bother checking their voice mail anymore or even forget it exists.  Let’s face it, technologies inherent efficiencies has converted many of us over to predominantly text-based conversations.

This is a big area of concern for many companies that recognize that face to face communications is still the most critical but yet the most vulnerable communications tool because of this rampant trend in digital communications (I suppose further reinforced by the fact that you’re reading this as opposed to me talking to you about it face to face).  And these habit changing ways of communicating is where I believe companies need to stay disciplined in order to accelerate business progress.  By habit changing, I mean that you only have to look at your handwriting to see evolution transforming right in front of your eyes?  Is your current handwriting as legible as it was ten years ago?  Do you find your finger dexterity when writing is not as it was years ago?  That same deterioration of physical handwriting skills (due to our increased use of the keyboard) is starting to seep into our ability to effectively communicate face to face.  In working with thousands of people over the years, helping them enhance the impact of their natural face to face communication abilities, I see this critical skill deterioration first hand.  It’s quite fascinating, yet alarming.

Immediate feedback – no need to wait for a response…

If your selling yourself, a product or a service or all of the above simultaneously, there is no better or immediate indicator of how successful you are then observing how your audience is reacting to your messages.  Many subconscious but visible ‘behaviours’ such as a slight body movement away from you, broken eye contact, change in facial expressions, the quiver of there jaw, the interrupted swallow, open or closed ended questions, tone of voice, quality of questions they ask, raised eyebrows, etc., can provide so many clues and cues to determine if your message is landing on your audience as intended.  Gathering of this valuable information is undoubtedly accelerated, in fact is instant, through face to face communication – yet often unavailable when communicated through text or e-mail.

With the above in mind, I challenge each of you to ask yourself if you’re truly harnessing the power of face to face communication and strategically balancing your mode of communication to accelerate your prospect or client relationships?

If so, we’d value to hear how you do it so others can benefit from your success.  If not, simply click here and we’d be happy to come out and meet you – yes, face to face, to share with you how we can help you drive business results by enhancing the way you communicate.

See you soon!

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