Our Approach

To deliver on these objectives, our group training and one on one coaching is personalized for each client situation and their team performance gaps.  In all situations, however, we incorporate these three key components of effective communications into each of our programs to achieve the desired training outcomes.


Understanding the dynamics between the communicator and the audience is the key to relevant and persuasive communications.

We work with you to incorporate your audiences motivations, communications style and situation to ensure they buy into your ideas, recommendations and products.

"He really opened my eyes to the way the audience listens, absorbs information, and connects with the presenter." David Pubrat, Spin Master

“We learned the “critical elements of communication”, which surprisingly enough, we learned that there is a lot of preparation needed before you even meet with the opposite party. Kenny clearly understands this topic...As a result, I have been better prepared for, and can go into meetings feeling confident.”  Lynn Skinner, The Forzani Group LTD

"His program helps you organize, deliver and identify your own unique style to effectively communicate your message relative to any situation.”  Rico Tudico, DDB Canada



Incorporating the right process makes planning and delivery of your messages more efficient and clear.

We provide you with world class, easy to use tools and techniques to create structured, clear and relevant messages.

"Through Kenny’s unique and engaging methodology, several very specific opportunities for enhancing one’s presentation skills are determined.   Kenny’s course is the deliberate practice model on steroids.”  Pieter de Koning, Spin Master Ltd.

“I thought presenting was a skill that you were born with and within 2 sessions I realized I was wrong.” Chad Raymond, Direct Antidote



Understanding your audience combined with a structured, planned communication is critical, but not enough. Confident and engaging delivery is what creates the right impression, builds credibility and drives the desired business impact.

Our live, hands-on, interactive training provides you with personalized coaching tips to improve your mindset, increase confidence and enhance the physical delivery of your message for more engaging and results driven communications.

"I received more valuable tools than I ever thought I would.   The workshop was an ‘eye opener’ in the way one conducts themselves and shows one how to become more self aware of attributes you would like to project to your audience.”  Kelly Bonnell, OMD

"My comfort level and confidence when presenting significantly improved.  This course has helped me become a more effective communicator not only when presenting but also during my day-to-day work.”  Katherine Shuper, Bell Mobility